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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
  28SatHikeEsther and WhitefaceBill MorseA+
  28SatHikeSleeping Beauty Mt.Jack WhitneyB-
  31TuePaddleTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  1WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  1WedSunset HikeYoung Members: Evening HikeStephanie GraudonsB-
  4SatHikeSeward Black Fly Blood DriveMike FullerA+
  4SatHikePlane Crash Site, Cold Brook Trail, High Peaks AreaRich Crammond, Jayne BouderA
  5SunHikeAmpersand MountainBill CarpenterB+
  5SunHikeAmy's Park - RTLLorraine MacKenzieC+
  6MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah KingNR
  7TueWalk/HikeTuesday outingMo CoutantNR
  11SatHikeGiantWayne RichterA
  12SunHikeCrane Mt.Jack WhitneyB
  14TuePaddleTuesday paddleMo CoutantNR
  15WedSunset HikeYoung Members: Evening HikeStephanie GraudonsB-
  18SatHikePhelps Mt. via Herd PathBill MorseB+
  18SatHikeGoodnow MountainReginald ProutyB+
  21TueWalk/HikeTuesday outing Party!Mo CoutantNR
  22WedSunset HikeYoung Members: Evening HikeStephanie GraudonsB-
  25SatPaddle/CampRainbow LakeJayne BouderA
  26SunHikeWakley Mt. Fire Tower ChallengeJack WhitneyB
  28TuePaddleTuesday Evening PaddleMo CoutantNR
  3SunHikeHurricane Mt. Wildflower/Photo hikeJack WhitneyB
  9SatHikePanther and CouchMike FullerA+
  9SatHikeMontcalm Point Hike and SwimNeal Van DorstenC+
  10SunHikeCascade MountainBill CarpenterB+
  12TuePaddleTuesday Evening PaddleMo CoutantNR
  16SatHikeMount Vanhoevenberg from South Meadow RoadReginald ProutyB+
  17SunHikeThe Pinnacle and Cat MountainLorraine MacKenzieB-
  23SatHikeSeverance Hill and Big PondRich CrammondC+
  26TuePaddleTuesday Evening PaddleMo CoutantNR
  30SatHikePharaoh Mountain from Crane PondReg ProutyB+
  30SatPaddle/CampRaquette Lake and St WilliamsJayne BouderA
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