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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
  21TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  25SatHikeBasin and SaddlebackWayne Richter, Jef MartinA+
  25SatPaddle/CampRaquette Lake & St. WilliamsJayne BouderA
  26SunHikeAvalanche Pass and Lake /Photo hikeJack WhitneyB
  26SunHikeAmpersand MountainBill CarpenterB+
  29WedHikePharaoh Mt.Alison LaurinA-
  31FriHikeDial and Nippletop, High PeaksAlison LaurinA+
  1SatHikeMacomb, South Dix, and GraceHeather WebbA+
  1SatHikeTreadwayReg ProutyA
  2SunHikeJay RangeLorraine MacKenzie, Jack WhitneyB
  4TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  5WedPaddleHenderson LakeJayne BouderA
  9SunHikeCascade MountainBill CarpenterB
  15SatHikeAllen ' The Big Nasty'Mike FullerA+
  15SatHikeFlowed Lands and Hanging Spear FallsRich CrammondB+
  16SunHikeWakely Mountain- Fire towerBill CarpenterB+
  16SunHikeMontcalm Point Hike and SwimNeal Van DorstenC+
  18TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  23SunHikeHopkins Mt. Photo hikeJack WhitneyB
  24MonPaddle/CampRainbow LakeJayne BouderA
  29SatHikeSnowy MountainSteve MackeyB+
  30SunHikeWright, Algonquin and IroquoisWayne RichterA+
  1TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  2WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingLaura FiskeNR
  12SatHikeMoxham MountainRich CrammondB
  14MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah KingNR
  15TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  23WedProgramSeptember program- Raptors of the Adirondacks- Up CloseSarah KingNR
  26SatHikeMt. Van Hoevenburg from South Meadow RoadReg ProutyB
  29TuePaddleTuesday PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
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