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Calendar updated: November 17, 2016, 10:04 am
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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
November 2016
  20SunHikeOverlook MountainSteve MackeyB
  22TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantNR
  24ThuHikeTurkey Trot #18 Saratoga BattlefieldRich CrammondC+
  26SatHikePilot Knob Sunset Photo HikeJack WhitneyC+
  29TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantNR
December 2016
  4SunHike/SnowshoePole Hill Pond Photo HikeJack WhitneyB
  5MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  6TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  7WedOtherYoung Members: Game NightJules GreinerNR
  7WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  10SatHike/SnowshoeRush Pond to Queensbury Elementary TraverseReg ProutyB-
  13TueWalk/HikeTuesday Outing - FTC?Mo CoutantNR
  17SatHike/SnowshoeWilton Wildlife ParkRich CrammondC+
  20TueWalkTuesday Outing -Holiday cookiesMo CoutantC
  27TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
January 2017
  1SunHike/SnowshoeNew Years Day Annual Hike or SnowshoeReg Prouty, Bob AspholmB+
  3TueWalk/Hike/SkiTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  7SatHike/SnowshoeDial and Nippletop, High PeaksWayne Richter, Mike FullerA+
  9MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  10TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  11WedProgramCross Country Ski Touring in Sweden by Ruben Lundstrom from Sweden Outdoor LifeSarah KingNR
  17TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMo CoutantB
  24TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  28SatHike/SnowshoeHudson Crossing / New Year OutingRich CrammondC
  29SunSkiSki Botheration Pond LoopBill SchwarzB+
February 2017
  6MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  12SunSkiBoreas Pond Ski TripSteve MackeyB+
  12SunSkiSki Pack ForestBill SchwarzB
  15WedProgramSurvival on the Polar Ice Cap presented by Peter Benoit.Sarah KingNR
March 2017
  6MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  22WedProgramPatagonia with John SchneiderSarah KingNR
April 2017
  3MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  26WedProgramAfrica with Neal and Edna Van DorstenSarah KingNR
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