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Calendar updated: May 22, 2017, 7:41 pm
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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
May 2017
  23TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  27SatHikeOK Slip Falls, caves and Blue Ledge OverlookNick RingelbergA
  27SatHikeSleeping Beauty Mt.Jack WhitneyB
  27SatWalkSpring Bird Walk - Pack Forest, WarrensburgRich SpeidelC
  30TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantNR
June 2017
  3SatHikeMount Marcy Madness (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA+
  3SatHikeStewarts Ledge Sunset Photo HikeJack WhitneyC
  3SatHikeHadley MountainAmanda Gómez, Steve MackeyB
  3SatWalk/HikeSpring Bird Hike & Climb - Pack Forest, WarrensburgRich SpeidelC+
  4SunBushwackLost Gorge rockhopJayne BouderA
  5MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  6TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  7WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  10SatHikeTabletop & Phelps Fly Bath (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA+
  10SatHikeMt. Adams Fire TowerRich CrammondB+
  13TueHikeTuesday Outing - FTCMaureen CoutantB
  17SatHikeAnnual Sewards Black Fly Blood DriveWayne Richter, Mike FullerA+
  17SatHikeCrehore Garnet Mine and OK Slip FallsNick RingelbergA
  20TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  24SatHikeHighway to the Sky - Wolf Jaws via Bennies Brook SlideWayne Richter, Akane SuzukiA+
  24SatHikeChestertown Challenge Pick TwoReg ProutyB-
  24SatPaddle/CampRainbow LakeJayne BouderA
  25SunHikeIndian Head and Fish Hawk CliffsLorraine MacKenzieB+
July 2017
  1SatHikeGrey/Skylight/ (Back backside of) Marcy (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA++
  2SunHikeHurricane Mt.Wildflower/Photo HikeJack WhitneyB
  8SatHikeHanging Spear FallsNick RingelbergA
  11TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  15SatHikeLower Great Range -Saw the WolfJaw's (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA++
  15SatHikeLake Bonita and Lake Ann Loop-Moreau Lake State ParkReg ProutyC+
  15SatHikeMontcalm Point Hike and SwimNeal Van DorstenB
  18TueHikeTuesday Outing - FTCMaureen CoutantB
  25TuePaddleTuesday Outing - PaddleMaureen CoutantNR
  29SatHikeBasin & Saddleback SleeperJP Martin, Joe BabcockA+
  29SatHikeWright, Algonquin and IroquoisWayne RichterA+
  29SatHikeSeverance Hill (Neal Andrews Memorial Hike)Rich CrammondC+
  29SatPaddle/CampRacquette Lake & St WilliamsJayne BouderA
August 2017
  12SatHikeDix via Hunter Pass/Beck-horn (The JP & Joe show)JP Martin, Joe BabcockA+
  12SatHikeTenant Creek FallsNick RingelbergC
  19SatHikeHooper Mine, William Blake, Botheration Ponds, Plus Elizabeth Point Loop, North RiverRich CrammondB
September 2017
  6WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
October 2017
  4WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
November 2017
  1WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
December 2017
  6WedMeetingExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
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