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 Date Day Type Destination Leader(s) Rating 
  9TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantC
  13SatSkiSkiing at Brookhaven Golf CourseWilliam ClarkeC
  14SunHike/SnowshoeYMG - Do you want to build a snowman... on Spruce... for Valentine's Day?Jen ShepherdC
  16TueHike/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantB
  17WedProgramFebruary programSarah KingNR
  19FriOtherYoung Members: Banff Mountain Film FestivalStephanie GraudonsNR
  20SatHike/SnowshoeYoung Members: Moxham MountainStephanie Graudons, Julia GreinerB
  20SatSkiPine Pond TrailSteve MackeyB+
  21SunHike/SnowshoeWinter Saranac 6er ChallengeJack WhitneyB
  23TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantC
  27SatSnowshoeProspect From L.G. recreationReg ProutyB-
  28SunSkiSkiing at Brookhaven Golf CourseWilliam ClarkeC
  1TueHike/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantB
  2WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  7MonGeocachemonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  13SunSnowshoeWright Peak, Algonquin, IroquoisSteve MackeyA+
  15TueWalk/Ski/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantC
  16WedWalkYoung Members: Evening Trail Walk & SocialJulia Greiner, Stephanie GraudonsC-
  19SatHike/SnowshoeUpper Wolf JawBill MorseA
  19SatSnowshoeMoreau Lake Overlook via Spier Falls Connector to Western Ridge and Red TrailsReg ProutyB+
  22TueHike/SnowshoeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantB
  29TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMaureen CoutantB-
  30WedProgrammarch programSarah KingNR
  4MonGeocacheMonday Monthly GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  6WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  9SatHike/SnowshoeNorthern Section of the Tongue Mt. RangeBill MorseB+
  10SunHikePole PondNeal Van DorstenC+
  12TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  14ThuOtherYoung Members: Game Night & SocialJulia Greiner, Stephanie GraudonsNR
  16SatHike/SnowshoeSpruce MountainRich CrammondC+
  16SatHikeHadley Mountain Fire TowerReg ProutyB
  19TueHikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantB
  20WedProgramA Western Adventure in Our National Parks" A photo journey by John SchneiderSarah KingNR
  23SatPaddle/Camp/HikeSouth Bay DiameterJayne BouderA
  24SunBikeMt Bike - Gurney LaneSteve MackeyB-
  24SunHikePilot Knob Preserve Gazebo and Waterfall - RTLLorraine MacKenzie, Jack WhitneyC
  26TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  30SatTrail workTongue MountainTom EllisB
  30SatWalkSpring Bird Walk - Peebles Island State ParkRich SpeidelC
  1SunHikeHopkins MountainWayne RichterB+
  2MonGeocacheMonthly Monday GeocacheSarah King, Mo CoutantNR
  4WedOtherExecutive Committee monthly meetingJohn CaffryNR
  5ThuWalkSpring Bird Walk - Wilton Wildlife Preserve & ParkRich SpeidelC
  7SatHikeExploring Prospect MountainBill BechtelB
  10TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  14SatHikeCat and Thomas MountainsBill BechtelB+
  15SunHikePole Hill Pond - RTLLorraine MacKenzieB
  17TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  18WedProgramMay programSarah KingNR
  21SatHike/SnowshoeLake AndrewRich Crammond, Jayne BouderB
  21SatHikePilot Knob PeakBill BechtelB+
  21SatWalkSpring Bird Walk - Pack Forest, WarrensburgRich SpeidelC
  24TueWalk/HikeTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
  28SatHikeEsther and WhitefaceBill MorseA+
  31TuePaddleTuesday OutingMo CoutantNR
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