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Fire Tower Challenge News
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FTC Hats and T-Shirts can be purchased at ADK HQ, 814 Goggins Road in Lake George off of Northway Exit 21. Makes a great gift!

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Hopefully everyone was able to get out this summer and hike the tower trails and we will be getting many completion letters soon. Muddy and wet trails made for some interesting hiking conditions.

Tracy Darrah, who recently finished the challenge, wrote in her letter "I always felt the journey, not the destination was the key to experiencing these unique places. I decided to participate in the fire tower challenge not just to receive a patch for my efforts, but to encourage me to keep a journal record of my journeys as well as the photographic one I had begun to keep." Tracy was able to combine her love of bird watching, photography and hiking while completing the challenge.

2017-01-25 DEC Notice: Spruce Mountain Fire Tower - Stay off private property!
Spruce Mountain Fire Tower - Stay off private property A dirt road ascends Spruce Mountain from the side of the mountain opposite the hiking trail. It leads to the Saratoga County communications building just below the fire tower. This road is on private property and is not accessible to the public. It is extremely important that we always respect the rights of property owners. Please do not use this road.

2016-December - DEC has Closed the Wakely Mountain Trail Until Further Notice!
"The fire tower was closed to public access in December 2016 due to structural deficiencies" Announcement from the state agency said. "The condition of the tower has worsened and it is possible the tower may collapse in heavy winds."

DEC is closing the trail to prevent injuries to visitors if the fire tower collapses. The agency's announcement said repairs will be undertaken as soon as possible to prevent the collapse of the fire tower.

Wakley Mountain will continue to be included in the Fire Tower Challenge for those that climbed the trail before its closing.

2011-11-02 Update: Loon Lake Mountain included in the Fire Tower Challenge
Effective November 2, 2011 Loon Lake Mountain in the northern Adirondacks is included in the Fire Tower Challenge and counts toward the 18 Adirondack fire towers. If you have a brochure that does not list this fire tower, please manually add it to the list along with the date of your climb in order to receive credit for this tower. For more info contact: .

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Congratulations to the people who have completed the Fire Tower Challenge:
Jessica Jorgensen, Cedar Rapids, IA
Curtis Jorgensen, Cedar Rapids, IA
Melissa Maye, Albany
Tracy Darrah, Bloomingdale
David Trestick, Rotterdam
William Reid, Pottersville
Lisa Albrecht, Rochester
Catherine Schunk, Schenectady
Aaron Graves, Potsdam
Some statistics - Kathi Noble
  • Approximately 600 finishers as of January 2011
  • 2012 40 regular finishers, 1 winter & 4 children
  • 2013 33 regular finishers, 3 winter & 2 children
  • 2014 41 regular finishers, 2 winter & 1 child
  • 2015 87 regular finishers, 14 winter & 1 child
  • 2016 109 regular finishers, 6 winter & 1 child

Tim & Kathi Noble

Firetower Correspondents  
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