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ADK Fire Tower
News updated January 23 2022
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  The January 2022 Newsletter is Available On Website [2021-12-16]
  Updated ADK Covid Protocols [2022-01-14]
ADK has adopted updated Covid safety protocols, the updated guidance is available on the Club website: ADK Covid-19 Guidelines (1-4-2022).pdf.

The following protocols apply to Chapter Outings & Gatherings:

All chapter outing and gathering organizers and participants over the age of 5 are required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival unless a valid medical exemption is provided.

In addition to this, organizers and participants must:
  • Bring proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in the form of a face covering (mask)
  • Wear a face mask when indoors or within 6 feet of others
  • Not have any of the signs or symptoms of a respiratory infection at the time of the program, or within the last 10 days prior to the program.
  • Not have tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 10 days or had contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID-19 case within the last 10 days.

If an organizer or participant does not meet all of the above criteria, they will not be allowed to attend a chapter outing or gathering.

In addition to these measures, ADK highly discourages carpooling and large group gatherings at this time. If either of these are pursued, then they must follow all of the aforementioned guidelines and be in accordance with local health regulations.
  Reminder that the following Fire Tower Trails have Closures: [2021-12-16]
  • Gore:       10/26 - During Ski Season
  • Spruce:    10/23 - 12/05 Hunting Season Closure
  • Stillwater: 10/12 - 12/20 Hunting Season Closure
  • Swede:     09/10 - 12/16 Hunting Season Closure

Effective November 26, 2021, with the opening of Gore Mountain's ski season, Gore Mountain is temporarily removed from the ADK Fire Tower Challenge. For safety reasons, Gore Mountain management does not permit uphill travel of any kind at any time during the ski season. The Schaefer Trail is closed from the intersection of the ski trails to the summit and the fire tower.
  Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour is back in person!! [2021-12-12]

LIVE shows
are NOT the
same as the
Virtual programs.
You can do both!

Join Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of ADK and our local Sponsors when the World Tour brings the spirit of outdoor adventure to Glens Falls, at the Charles Wood Theater. ( A different show each day )

  • Saturday, February 5th at 7:00 pm   and
  • Sunday,   February 6th at 2:00 pm.

Tickets $22/day (includes ticketing fees); must show proof of vaccination and wear a mask while not eating or drinking. Remember to come early to find parking.

LIVE show tickets go on sale DECEMBER 15th! at noon.

View the trailer: View trailer

For tickets and information contact: The Charles Wood Theater at 518-480-4878 or their website: woodtheater.org/banff or contact Maureen for additional information: Banff@adk-gfs.org

Note: Parental Guidance recommended - films may contain coarse language or nudity. Great gift idea! A ticket to the LIVE show or you can gift a rental of a VIRTUAL program!

  Banff Centre World Tour   VIRTUAL     Programs are on Sale [2021-12-07]
The new VIRTUAL programs for the Banff Film Festival 2021-2022 Season (SAGE and PINE) are available to rent to view online now through October 2022. They can be rented individually or as a bundle.
* Individual (SAGE or PINE) programs: $15 USD / (3-day rental period)
* Bundle     (SAGE & PINE) programs: $28 USD / (14-day rental period)
In addition, 3 Encore-Classic Film Series of past Award Winners will be available on December 8, 2021 - October 2022. These 3 programs are award winners from prior years. Finally, there will be a new Award Winners Monthly Series available beginning in January 2022. These will only be available for a month and then change to a new film or selection of films the next month.

* Encore-Classic (3 different) series: $12 USD / (3-day rental period)
* Award Winners Monthly series:       $12 USD / (3-day rental period)

The rental period begins as soon as the customer hits play. Films can be rewatched if the customer is still within their rental period. Technical questions can be directed to: filmfest.banffcentre.ca/help

When you go to the Banff website using the link below, the Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) receives a portion of the rental fee, so always use our link to Banff. Thanks!
Use one of our links to choose Films and Purchase tickets:


Thank you for your support!
  Information on DEC Overnight Camps [2021-12-03]
DEC overnight summer camps were not held for 2020 due to CoVid 19. What the decision will be for Summer Camp 2021 is unknown at this time. If 2022 summer camp is held, the families who were awarded camp sponsorships for 2020 will take priority.

Families who may be interested in either DEC or ADK Teen Trails program are encouraged to apply and be put on our waiting list. This website will have the most current information.

View Education Page on this website.

  Program: Big Mess: Climate and other Challenges Available on Youtube [2022-01-23]
For decades scientists have been raising the alarm about climate change but, thanks to the ceaseless actions of the carbon industry, we have done almost nothing. The days of easy, painless, solutions are behind us. Our window of opportunity to save this world as we know it is rapidly closing, and we cannot depend on the better angels of our elected officials to counter this tide, and  prevent a collapse. Whatever good that comes out of the next few years will determine the future of this planet. That good will depend on you.

Join Al Hicks, a retired New York State Department of Environmental Conservation biologist, for an update on the impact of climate change in our area and beyond, and a discussion of ways forward to address climate change. In addition, Hicks will discuss the current state of bat populations devastated by the white-nose syndrome, one of his areas of expertise.

Link to Youtube video:   youtube.com/watch?v=jaEWnGwAoNo

  Program: What is Up at the Upper Works? Now Available on Youtube [2022-01-23]
What is Up at the Upper Works? Join SUNY-ESF's Newcomb Campus Associate Director and long-time Newcomb resident Paul B. Hai for a multi-faceted exploration of the rich history of the former Village of Adirondac, also known as the Upper Works, located at the head of the Hudson River.

Youtube Link:   https://youtu.be/fD4wyyQl6fo
  Signup for Winter Camp 2022 - Feb 11-13 [2021-11-13]
We are again renting the Wiezel cabin for the Glens Falls - Saratoga Chapter of ADK for our winter weekend 2022! We have reserved it for the weekend of February 11-13 2022. We usually go up Friday afternoon/evening and head home Sunday night/Monday morning.

Steve just got word that two people can't make it, so we have 2 openings. We also maintain a waiting list, and usually have a cancellation or two, in addition.

The three night stay cost is $110 per person and includes the cabin rental and group dinners for Saturday and Sunday nights. (If costs come in below this estimate, we will distribute refunds accordingly.) The cabin is located near Adirondack LOJ, with the High Peaks at our doorstep. The cabin has heat, lights, and running water, including a full kitchen and two bathrooms. It sleeps 16 and I will begin accepting reservations with payment from members ASAP. A waiting list will be maintained. We almost always take a few people off the waiting list.

Most of the regulars are winter 46'ers, so if you are working on your WInter 46, there are a lot of us, to help you get a mountain or two. There is also quite a few of us that cross country ski. We show slide shows and movies Saturday and Sunday night. Feel free to bring some of your computer pictures from your previous adventures to share. We are happy to see new faces.

Please send checks made payable to Steve Mackey to:
Steve Mackey, 21 MacArthur Dr., Glens Falls, NY 12801-2317.
Email any questions to: smackey33@verizon.net
  Annual Dinner Voting Results for Bylaws and Officers [2021-10-22]
During the Annual Dinner on October 15th Chapter Members approved the revised bylaws and elected Chapter Officers for the 2022 term.

The revised bylaws will become effective on January 1, 2022.

Congratulations to the 2022 Chapter Officers!
  Swede Mountain added to ADK Fire Tower Challenge [2021-08-14]
The Adirondack Mountain Club Fire Tower Committee has officially included SWEDE MOUNTAIN in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge effective August 13, 2021.

Public access is due to the hard work of Warren County folks and community leaders. Most importantly, the trail traverses private property to access the tower. The landowner requests hikers stay on the trail at all times. Please respect private property.

The trail is closed to public access September 10 - December 16 due to hunting club leases. Climbs during the closure period will not be accepted toward the challenge.

Swede Mtn Details: View PDF
  Gate to Vanderwhacker Fire Tower temporarily closed [2021-08-06]
Closed due to the bridge over the brook needing to be replaced.

The trail can still be accessed but you will need to walk in from the Boreas Road which will add 2.6 miles ONE WAY to the hike.

There is ample off-road parking available immediately south of the Boreas Bridge on the East side of 28N. Please hike safely and responsibly, The ADK Fire Tower Challenge Committee

  ADK Retail Store in Lake George is Open June 28 & Looking for Volunteers [2021-05-24]
The ADK retail store in Lake George is looking for knowledgeable and personable volunteers to help provide education and information on outdoor recreation to store customers.

The store will be open from 10:00am – 4:00pm on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from June 28 – October 8. They are looking for volunteers during the hours of 10:00am – 2:00pm for all three days.

The store is flexible on hours and days but ask for a minimum of 2 hours per shift. There will be a Google calendar to sign-up for hours to volunteer.

Please contact Laurie Schweighardt at (518) 668-4447 x211 or email lauries@adk.org if you have any questions or are interested in signing up. She will provide a link for the sign-up sheet.

If someone is also interested in learning the Point-of-Sale system to help with days off coverage, the store would be happy to train you!
  Cathedral Rock Fire Tower at Wanakena Returns to Challenge on June 1 [2021-05-27]
Effective Tuesday June 1, 2021, the Cathedral Rock Fire Tower at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, the Ranger School at Wanakena, NY will return to the Fire Tower Challenge. The fire tower located in the Dubuar Forest on the college campus had been closed due to college COVID safety protocol. Campus safety protocols remain in place. This marks the return of Cathedral Rock Fire Tower for credit toward the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.
  • A limited number of hikers will be allowed in the tower cab at one time.
  • Unvaccinated hikers must wear a mask if they climb the tower.
Hiker parking continues to be located behind the school next to the athletic fields. The college requests the hiking public to NOT come to the campus prior to June 1. As always, please respect private property as the hiking public are guests relying on the generosity of landowners for access to their hiking trails.

  Recent Chapter Program Videos Available Online [2021-05-27]
  • Historic Bridges of the Adirondacks (May 19, 2021) Video
  • Alaska the Last Frontier (4/21/2021)  Video
  • Forest Pests Impact on Adirondacks (3/24/2021):   Video
  • Hiking Adrians Wall (11/18/2020):   Video
  • Modern Threats to ADK Waterways (9/23/2020):   Video
  Mud Season Alert: Stay below 3,000 ft from May to Mid June [2020-04-20]
During spring mud season, trails are particularly vulnerable to erosion. The spring thaw creates mud that penetrates much deeper into the soil than the surface mud created by summer rains, and trails are thus more easily damaged by hikers' boots.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation institutes a voluntary trail closure in the Eastern High Peaks during this time of year that asks hikers to refrain from traveling above 3,000 feet.

Here’s a big way you can help: if you encounter a muddy patch on the trail, walk right through it! Skirting to the edges widens trails and creates even more mud, so help out your fellow hikers and stick to the trail. This is where good footwear comes in handy!

  DEC & AMR to Pilot New Reservation System on Rt 73 [2021-04-15]
The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Adirondack Mountain Reserve (AMR) today announced the launch of a pilot reservation system that was developed in partnership to provide reliable access and address public safety at a particularly crowded corner on Route 73 in the town of Keene in the Adirondack High Peaks region. The reservation system, operated by AMR, will facilitate safer public access to trailheads through the AMR gate and for Noonmark and Round mountains and improve visitors' trip planning and preparation by ensuring they have guaranteed parking upon arrival.

DEC : Announcement Details

Adirondack Explorer: Questions and Answers

  Views From On High 2nd Revised 2021 Edition is Available [2021-04-11]
Views From On High 2nd Revised 2021 Edition is now available from ADK. New material includes extensive Catskill and Adirondack trail and fire tower updates through winter 2021 including:

  • Poke-O-Moonshine - New Ranger Trail with its hiker friendly stone steps, switchbacks and scenic reroute.
  • St. Regis: - New trailhead from Spring Bay of Upper St. Regis Lake. Combine a paddle trip with a fire tower hike.
  • Hunter: - We love loop hikes! So, we put together this very interesting route combining the Spruceton Trail and the Devil's Path for an 8.8 mile loop.
  • Red Hill - NYS Department of Environmental Conservation teamed up with New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the town of Denning, with support from the State's Environmental Protection Fund and constructed a new trailhead and information kiosk on Denning Road.

  • Purchase book: ADK Mtn Club Publications

  Cathedral Rock Fire Tower Remains Closed [2020-11-23]
The Ranger School campus at Wanakena remains closed to the public until further notice. The closure remains in force even if the school is in academic recess.

During the campus closure, Cathedral Rock Fire Tower continues to be removed from the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.

The Ranger School is very appreciative of ADK's support and accurate and authoritative messaging. ADK and the ADK Fire Tower Challenge committee thank the hiking community for respecting The Ranger School's efforts to keep their campus safe.

  Executive Committee Election Results [2020-11-06]
The Chapter’s 2020 Annual Meeting was held on November 4th via ZOOM.  31 members participated in person and 26 voted by absentee ballot.
The following slate was approved unanimously:

  • Chair: Jen Shepherd
  • 1st Vice Chair: Laurie Williams
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Brian Coville
  • Treasurer: Steve Mackey
  • Secretary: John Caffry
  • Director (2021-2023 Term): Emily Kane
  Ranger School suspends access to Dubuar Forest [2020-08-12]
We respect the decision of the SUNY-ESF Ranger School to suspend public access to the Dubuar Forest including the Cathedral Rock Fire Tower.

Effective Saturday, August 15, 2020, climbs to the Cathedral Rock Fire Tower will not be accepted toward completion of the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.

The Cathedral Rock Fire Tower exception will remain in effect until SUNY-ESF Ranger School restores public access.

All the best to Ranger School students, faculty, and staff for a successful school year.

  Goodnow Fire Tower in need of repair - Tower cab closed [2020-08-12]
The tower cab is currently closed for safety reasons -

The trail is open and the climb continues to be included in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge. Goodnow Fire Tower repair fundraising campaign is now open.

  DEC-controlled fire towers are open to visitors [2020-06-27]
DEC-controlled fire towers are open to visitors. Only one household group should be in the fire tower cab at a time,

Groups should social distance on the summit while waiting to climb to the cab, sanitize hands before and after being on the fire tower, and wear masks.
  ADK Fire Tower Challenge Resumed June 19   [2020-06-21]
All fire tower trail hikes on or after this date will count towards the patch awarded by the challenge. ADK encourages all hikers to follow the #RecreateResponsibly guidance listed in the news release to stay safe and healthy while recreating. Some fire tower trails are very popular, such as Hurricane and Arab, and should be avoided on weekends.

View News Release: adk-hiking-challenge-update
  Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area []
Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. Have you hiked in the Pharaoh Wilderness Area? If you haven’t what you will find are beautiful lakes and ponds, quiet solitude, great backpacking, easy walking, and delightful swimming. When you come back, let us know what you found. We are particularly interested in flowers, animals, trail and lean-to conditions, and just about anything notable either good or bad. Your Glens Falls-Saratoga ADK Chapter has adopted the entire Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area.
Please send send an email with the information to Jim Schneider at: metadatajim@gmail.com
  • Unusual Animals
  • Unusual Plants
  • Trail Conditions (blowdown, beaver activity, signs missing or incorrect, etc.):
  • Lean-to Conditions:
  • Other:
  • Or mail your report to:
    • Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area
    • Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter ADK
    • P.O. Box 2314
    • Glens Falls, NY 12801
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