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ADK Fire Tower
News updated November 26 2020
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  Banff Centre Mtn Film Festival is Virtual - Now Available [2020-11-26]
Two programs (Amber, Onyx)

If you select one, you have 3 days to watch after starting to view it.

If you select both, you have 14 days to watch after starting to watch.

You may start viewing anytime after purchasing tickets.

To View YouTube Trailer: View Trailer

Our Chapter will receive a portion of the revenue if you use our link to access the festival. We appreciate your continued support from the comfort of your own home.
  Program Hiking Hadrian's Wall on YouTube [2020-11-23]
ADK members Lenore and Jack Reber will share a photo-program of their June 2019 trip to England with the Sierra Club.

Built by Roman emperor Hadrian in AD 122, the path extends for 84 miles near the border with Scotland. Ruins of the wall and Roman fortifications highlighted their 120 mile, 13 day walk with excellent weather and accommodations.

To View Program Online : View on YouTube
  Cathedral Rock Fire Tower Remains Closed [2020-11-23]
The Ranger School campus at Wanakena remains closed to the public until further notice. The closure remains in force even if the school is in academic recess.

During the campus closure, Cathedral Rock Fire Tower continues to be removed from the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.

The Ranger School is very appreciative of ADK's support and accurate and authoritative messaging. ADK and the ADK Fire Tower Challenge committee thank the hiking community for respecting The Ranger School's efforts to keep their campus safe.

  The Nov-Jan Newsletter is Available On Website [2020-11-06]
The latest newsletter can be found on our chapter Home page.

Links to Current Newsletter and Previous Newsletters
  Executive Committee Election Results [2020-11-06]
The Chapter’s 2020 Annual Meeting was held on November 4th via ZOOM.  31 members participated in person and 26 voted by absentee ballot.
The following slate was approved unanimously:

  • Chair: Jen Shepherd
  • 1st Vice Chair: Laurie Williams
  • 2nd Vice Chair: Brian Coville
  • Treasurer: Steve Mackey
  • Secretary: John Caffry
  • Director (2021-2023 Term): Emily Kane
  Chapter Rents Snowshoes [2020-11-06]
Pickup Location:

Luzerne Market
12 Main Street, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.
Hours: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm
Phone: 518-696-4234.

For Information: Contact:   smackey33@verizon.net

We have 2 pairs of Men's, Women's and Children's for $10/day

Call the store to confirm availability and hours.
  Information on DEC Overnight Camps [2020-11-06]
DEC overnight summer camps were not held for 2020 due to CoVid 19. What the decision will be for Summer Camp 2021 is unknown at this time. If 2021 summer camp is held, the families who were awarded camp sponsorships for 2020 will take priority.

Families who may be interested in either DEC or ADK Teen Trails program are encouraged to apply and be put on our waiting list. This website will have the most current information.

View Education Page on this website.

  Program Modern Threats to Age-Old Adk Waterways on Youtube [2020-10-12]
Did you miss the last ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter program?

Dan Kelting's Modern Threats to Age-Old Adk Waterways on YouTube

Link: View on Youtube
  Committee Chair Positions Needed for Membership & Publicity [2020-10-07]
Your chapter is looking to fill a couple of positions on the Executive Committee. Committee chairs are expected to attend monthly meetings along with the duties that are described below.

The executive committee meets monthly from September to June. Meeting locations alternate between Glens Falls and Saratoga, although we are currently holding meetings via ZOOM. Chairpersons may appoint people to help them on their committees. For further information see the chapter by-laws at adk-gfs.org/Documents/bylaws.2019.pdf.  

  • Membership Committee - The Membership Committee works to encourage new memberships by having a presence at Chapter meetings, vendor special events and other functions, as requested by the Club. you’d like more information please contact Pat at membership@adk-gfs.org
  • Publicity Committee - This committee disseminates information on Chapter activities to local media outlets and other venues. If you’d like more information please contact Jen at publicity@adk-gfs.org
  Stillwater and Spruce Mtn Firetower Closures for Hunting Season [2020-09-27]
Stillwater Fire Tower will close during hunting season. This year the trail closure will be October 13 - December 20, inclusive.

Spruce Mountain Fire Tower will close during the deer hunting season. This year's closure will be October 24 - December 6, inclusive

  Jacki Bave: Conservationist with a Sense of Adventure by Mo Roberts [2020-09-11]
Everything I ever learned about hiking I learned from Jacki Bave. My first hike with Jacki was in 1998, when we did a mid-October hike up Noonmark Mt. with her niece and nephew, and my daughter and niece, all about 10 years old. I was totally unprepared for the several inches of snow that greeted us at the summit, and had no hats or gloves for my kids! Jacki calmly pulled out extras from her pack and saved the day. That was the beginning of 22 years of hiking with, and learning from, Jacki. She passed away at home early on a Saturday morning, in a bed facing her lovely garden, after a courageous seven year battle with ovarian cancer. Anybody who’s been a member of the Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club for a while knows Jacki, as she is literally “club royalty”, having served on the Chapter Executive Committee for 31 years, and serving as the Conservation Committee Chair from 1991-2015.

Her sister and favorite hiking partner, Barb, tells a funny story about when Jacki started to hike with a different ADK chapter in the early 80’s. Jacki felt the Chapter had too many rigid rules and regimentation. One day the Chapter did a combined hike with the Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter and they seemed super friendly and laid back, so she asked, 'Can I join your chapter?' Jim Cooper, Tom Ellis, and Todd Earl remained friends with Jacki and she had found her club. With many willing and able hiking part-ners, who joined her on these adventures including Dan D’Angelico, John Schneider, Ron Lester, Melo-dy Hoffman, Maureen Laskey, Pat McCullough, Neal Andrews, Cara Benson, Jim Schneider, Dickie Moore to name a few, she proceeded to complete both her Summer and Winter 46.

Jacki met her love and life parter, Dan Dolan at an ADK party on the Goodnow Flow. As they slid down a steep hill on their Flexible Flyers onto the frozen lake, they felt a connection that led to their relationship shortly thereafter. They hiked, snowshoed, cross country skied, canoe camped, and enjoyed an outdoor lifestyle for many years. They took Luna (their yellow lab) on several canoe camping trips to both Algon-quin Park and Killarney, two destinations in Ontario with splendid lakes to paddle.

With her sister Barb, she finished her Summer 46 in 1999, and her Winter 46 atop Cascade on a snowy, 20-below day in January in 2004. Barb and Jacki are the first twin sisters to have completed the Winter 46, leading to their mention in two books, “Women With Altitude : Challenging the Adirondack High Peaks in Winter” by Carol Stone White and 'Heaven Up-h’istedness!:The History of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers and the High Peaks fo the Adirondacks.' She then went on with Barb, Dan, and others to complete her NE 115 in June 2010 and her summer Catskill 35. Jacki was an outings leader for many years, often with Barb, and they were famous for their yearly Halloween hikes which often included one of them dressed up at the summit (like a gorilla, for instance), ready to jump out and scare the group at the top! Crazy sign-in names for the trail register (E. Normous) were also part of the fun. They loved to tell jokes and make up fun limericks or poems for people at celebrations.

During the last few months of her life, she hiked Cat Mt. on New Year’s Day and continued to take long walks in the woods with Luna, Barb, Dan, and friends until a week before her death. She faced cancer and chemo with a matter-of-fact determination and courageousness that was inspiring to witness.
  Remembering Fred Cady by Steve Mackey, Pat Desbien [2020-09-11]
I'm not sure how many of you knew him, but long time member Fred Cady recently passed away. was very active leading hikes with the Chapter through the 80's. When I was working on the 46, the trailless peaks were pretty sketchy. There would be one sentence in the ADK High Peaks guide book, and nothing on any of the maps. You usually went with someone who had been there before, on your first ascent of the mountain. It often involved lots of herd paths, route finding, and bushwhacking (also lots of scratches, and usually getting poked in the eye). Fred was my main man for being my guide on the trail less peaks. Usually after one trip on these herd paths, you would end up guiding someone else up the peak, to help them with their 46. So it was an endless chain of helping one another. One time Jungle Jim, Fred, and I climbed Marshall in late March. It was af-ter winter officially had ended, so it didn't count as a winter peak. Although, obviously it was full blown winter conditions and involved breaking trail. As we were heading back out, Fred didn't feel well, and had slowed down con-siderably. We crossed Flowed Lands, and as we waited for him, off in the dis-tance was a lonely figure, looking like he was crossing Antarctica. When we finally got to civilization, we stopped at the Black Bear in Pottersville, for dinner. Fred didn't feel well enough to eat, and he elected to stay in the car and sleep. This was in March, so obviously the car was going to get pretty cold. After dinner, as we left the diner, Jungle joked that he hoped Fred was still alive. As I remember Fred didn't move, until we dropped him off at home.

Another time there was four of us that wanted to climb the slide up Cliff. We decided to go up the old abandoned trail between Cliff and Redfield and if we got a glimpse of the slide, we would head towards it. Well, you couldn't necessarily see the mountain all the time. We could definitely see cliffs, and they were starting to run out, so well elected to go for it, and hope we found the slide en-route. It was steep and I remember pulling ourselves up with our arms holding onto the vegetation. When we finally got to the top, we searched for the canister. We couldn’t find it, but there was another high point off in the distance that might be a little bit higher. We headed towards it, crossing downed trees and fighting through the cripple brush. When we finally got there, we searched again for the canister, and again couldn’t find it. Off in the distance was anoth-er high point, that might be higher. Somewhere on the way over we all took a break to check our maps and have something to eat. I remember everyone studying their maps and us all being in the absolute middle of nowhere. I remember thinking that no human has probably ever been to this spot before, in the history of the world. Finally, on the fourth high point, we found the canister. We also found the slide that we were supposed to go up, and a couple of months later actually climbed Cliff again and used the correct route.

Fred was tough, never complained, and could safely be called an experienced woodsman. Jungle came up with the nickname 'Fearless Fred', so from then on we shortened it to just 'Fearless'. Fred did at least 5 rounds of the 46. Hats off to Fred and all the good times and adventures, we had together. Steve Mackey I think perhaps the final contribution Fred made to our Chapter was helping with the Chepontuc labeling group. He would help with the labeling process and then take the newsletters to the Post Office in Saratoga for mailing. He had developed a special rapport with the staff there and they only wanted to deal with him. On one occasion, a mistake was made in calculating the amount of postage we needed to pay and since my phone number was on the form, they called me to let me know that we owed them more money. When I showed up at the post office to pay them, the first thing the clerk said to me was 'where is Fred'? I could tell that she had no confidence that I knew anything about what I was doing and really preferred to deal with Fred.
  Ranger School suspends access to Dubuar Forest [2020-08-12]
We respect the decision of the SUNY-ESF Ranger School to suspend public access to the Dubuar Forest including the Cathedral Rock Fire Tower.

Effective Saturday, August 15, 2020, climbs to the Cathedral Rock Fire Tower will not be accepted toward completion of the ADK Fire Tower Challenge.

The Cathedral Rock Fire Tower exception will remain in effect until SUNY-ESF Ranger School restores public access.

All the best to Ranger School students, faculty, and staff for a successful school year.

  Goodnow Fire Tower in need of repair - Tower cab closed [2020-08-12]
The tower cab is currently closed for safety reasons -

The trail is open and the climb continues to be included in the ADK Fire Tower Challenge. Goodnow Fire Tower repair fundraising campaign is now open.

  DEC-controlled fire towers are open to visitors [2020-06-27]
DEC-controlled fire towers are open to visitors. Only one household group should be in the fire tower cab at a time,

Groups should social distance on the summit while waiting to climb to the cab, sanitize hands before and after being on the fire tower, and wear masks.
  ADK Fire Tower Challenge Resumed June 19   [2020-06-21]
All fire tower trail hikes on or after this date will count towards the patch awarded by the challenge. ADK encourages all hikers to follow the #RecreateResponsibly guidance listed in the news release to stay safe and healthy while recreating. Some fire tower trails are very popular, such as Hurricane and Arab, and should be avoided on weekends.

View News Release: adk-hiking-challenge-update
  Signup for Winter Camp 2021 - Feb 19-21 [2020-06-14]
We are again renting the Wiezel cabin for the Glens Falls - Saratoga Chapter of ADK for our winter weekend 2020! We have reserved it for the weekend of February 19-21, 2021. We usually go up Friday afternoon/evening and head home Sunday night/Monday morning.

The three night stay cost is $110 per person and includes the cabin rental and group dinners for Saturday and Sunday nights. (If costs come in below this estimate, we will distribute refunds accordingly.) The cabin is located near Adirondack LOJ, with the High Peaks at our doorstep. The cabin has heat, lights, and running water, including a full kitchen and two bathrooms. It sleeps 16 and I will begin accepting reservations with payment from members ASAP. A waiting list will be maintained. We almost always take a few people off the waiting list.

Most of the regulars are winter 46'ers, so if you are working on your WInter 46, there are a lot of us, to help you get a mountain or two. There is also quite a few of us that cross country ski. We show slide shows and movies Saturday and Sunday night. Feel free to bring some of your computer pictures from your previous adventures to share. We are happy to see new faces.

Please send checks made payable to Steve Mackey to:
Steve Mackey, 21 MacArthur Dr., Glens Falls, NY 12801-2317.
Email any questions to: smackey33@verizon.net
  Check out our new Instagram Feed [2020-06-14]
To view the page, click the icon found in the footer of any page.

Or visit the link: instagram.com/adkglensfallssaratoga/ Follow our new Instagram page for updates on the ADK Fire Tower Challenge, Chapter outings, and photos from our region.

Feel free to share photos if you’d like to be featured on our page.
  Banff Center Mountain Film Festival - Recap of Event []
Who knew at the time, that we were lucky to get together in the middle of February for our third year of the World Tour in our area?  A few weeks after our showing, the Tour was thrown into chaos due to the pandemic.  Both the Banff Centre and the online ticketing agency we use have a major financial crisis on their hands. We’re all hopeful that they will both come through this period and be up and running for next year, but we may have to do things differently if they don’t. So, stay tuned and check our website in mid-November to get info on tickets. We want you to join us!

A few NEW things we did this year:*We changed the entrance to come in by the Northwest Bay Conference Room and this allowed us to spread out. *We sold raffle tickets for a few raffle items that were generously donated by ADKers (Jack & Tillie Freeman and Herb & Nancy Hudnut) and Steve Myhrberg and The Sports Page.  The drawing was held on Saturday night and all the winners received their items. Congratulations! The raffle and ornament sale raised ~$1600 to support the ADK Summit Steward Program in memory of Dan Kane.

*At the ADK membership table, we gave away 150 award-winning 2020 ADK calendars, donated by the Adirondack Mountain Club. *We also had a table of ADK merchandise and Fire Tower Challenge books available to be signed. *The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour begins after the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival each fall in Banff, Canada.  One of our members wanted to know more about the books that won awards during the Festival. She took the lead and found most of the books for us to display, along with the wonderful door prizes, in the lobby.  If you would like more information about the books, email us at Banff@adk-gfs.org.

Finally, the event has covered the costs (Banff fee, projector and screen rentals, etc.) each year.  We’ve used the extra funds to set up what we call a “snowy day” fund in the event that we have a problem where we have more expenses than revenue in the future.  We’ve contributed to SUNY Adirondack’s Capital Fund for the Theater in lieu of rent and to the SUNY Adirondack’s Outings Club for their help in making the event possible every year at the college. Last year, we also donated back to ADK to support the Trails program and a donation will be made again this year to an ADK program.

We’re sure the Pandemic is also hurting our local sponsors and raffle & door prize donors, so please support them when you can: SUNY Adirondack Adventure Sports Club, Fountain Square Outfitters, Rocksport, Meyer, Fuller & Stockwell, Cool Insuring, ARE Event Production, Hudson Headwaters Health Network, Nemer Auto Body, Queensbury Hotel, Local Motion Physical Therapy and Advantage Press Door prizes were donated by many of the sponsors listed above and Adirondack Extreme, Summit Yoga, West Mountain, Adirondack Mountain Club, Sports Page, The Crossroads, Rock Hill Bakehouse & Café, Seasoned – SUNY Adirondack Culinary, Joy Woolworks by Joy Muller-McCoola, Liz Mulshine, Steve Myhrberg, Kim Brown, Jim Schneider, Clint McCarthy, The Hudnuts & The Freemans.
  Photos taken during the Banff Film Festival Event []
Check out the Photos in our Gallery: View in Photo Gallery
  Lobby Day Was Recently Held at the NYS Capitol []
To view a report on Lobby Day, click: View Report
  ADK Trailhead Stewardship Program - Interested ? []
Hi...I'm Jim Schneider from the ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter. I'm the volunteer coordinator of the ADK TSP. I work with Bobby Clark, manager of the ADK High Peak Information Center. (HPIC) I got involved with this program as a steward three years ago and I love it. It's hard work, but it's good work (and there are great perks and benefits - really!).
Application deadline: February 21, 2020
Need more information? Have questions? How to apply?   View Details
Contact us:
  Mo Coutant Wins Volunteer Award from ADK Mountain Club []
You may have seen 'Mo' raking leaves at Headquarticleers, on a trail, in a kayak or at the Banff Film festival. Mo, or more formally known as Maureen Coutant, is everywhere. She is an extraordinary volunteer from the Glens Falls-Saratoga chapter.
In her many years as a chapter volunteer she has served as Chapter chair, vice-chair, newsletter editor and director. She is also dedicated to getting people outdoors. For years she has led a weekly hike or paddle, clocking 40-60 chapter outings each year - that is more than 200 outings over the last five years! The people on her trips love her and have come to rely on her passion for and knowledge of the region to get out and explore.
She also provides a great service to all ADK members by hosting two workdays each year to do maintenance on the Headquarticleers building on Goggins Road. You can find Mo and her volunteers raking leaves, washing windows and other tasks that would likely go undone without her efforts. She makes the days fun and always brings homemade treats and other snacks to take care of her crew.
Mo doesn't stop there though. Two years ago she spearheaded an effort to have the ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga chapter bring the Banff Mountain Film Festival to Glens Falls. It sold out its first show two years ago; a second night was added this year and both nights sold out. Mo manages all of the coordination, from the contract with Banff to securing sponsors, to bringing tickets to people who order them. She follows through in her characteristic Mo way, by bringing homemade chocolate chip cookies to thank the sponsors and particleners after the event.
You can see that Mo provides great service to members of ADK with her work at Headquarticleers, to Chapter members through her Chapter leadership and extensive outings offerings, and to the greater community by raising ADK's profile with the film festival. We all benefit from Mo's talents and her generosity of time and spirit. She is an extraordinary volunteer. Congratulations Mo for being recognized and awarded for your time to the organization.
  Chepontuc Footnotes went green with Jan 2020 Issue! []
The last printed issue and general mailing of Chepontuc was the January 2020 - March 2020 issue.
Please know that as long as you inform us that you wish to continue to receive Chepontuc Footnotes via the postal service, you will continue to do so.
Consider leaving less of a trace on our environment, leave a few more trees standing and make the money spent on the production and mailing of the newsletter available to support the activities we appreciate, like hiking, paddling, trail maintenance and the many conservation efforts that are being undertaken by ADK.
If you wish to receive a printed copy, complete the form in the link:

Infomation and Opt In Form

Return the form to:
Membership; Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter ADK;
P.O. Box 2314; Glens Falls, New York 12801.
  Additional Fire Tower Trail Status Info []
  • Stay off icy tower steps. No spikes, please - they damage wood steps. Be safe.
  • Stay off private property. A dirt road ascends Spruce Mountain from the side of the mountain opposite the hiking trail. It leads to the Saratoga County communications building just below the fire tower. This road is on private property and is not accessible to the public. It is extremely important that we always respect the rights of property owners. Please do not use this road.
  • Mt Adams Fire Tower has been damaged by ice wind! Fencing and railings were broken off and the tower stairs and landings are slippery. Please do not attempt to go into the tower cab or onto the top landing with the broken fencing.
  Please Note: No Parking this Summer on RT 73 []
  • No Parking this Summer on RT 73 from Rooster Comb trailhead to Roaring Brook Falls. This is in addition to RT 73 summer parking restrictions set up last year, so plan appropriately. Consider the shuttle or hiking elsewhere when lots are full.
  •   Fire Tower Guide Released in a Second Edition []
    Adirondack Mountain Club has released the second edition of its popular hiking guide, Views from on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills.

    Extensively revised and redesigned, it includes a new chapter describing fire towers outside of both parks. The intervening years have seen what coauthor Jim Schneider refers to as 'fire tower fever,' a sweeping enthusiasm that has helped prompt restoration of numerous towers and their trails. For more info, visit: Press Release

    Views from on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills is 224 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, and includes numerous photos and maps. It is available in softcover for $14.95 ($11.96 members) at book and outdoor supply stores, at ADK stores in Lake George and Lake Placid, through mail order by calling (800) 395-8080, and online at the ADK Store.
      Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area []
    Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area. Have you hiked in the Pharaoh Wilderness Area? If you haven’t what you will find are beautiful lakes and ponds, quiet solitude, great backpacking, easy walking, and delightful swimming. When you come back, let us know what you found. We are particularly interested in flowers, animals, trail and lean-to conditions, and just about anything notable either good or bad. Your Glens Falls-Saratoga ADK Chapter has adopted the entire Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area.
    Please send send an email with the information to Jim Schneider at: metadatajim@gmail.com
    • Unusual Animals
    • Unusual Plants
    • Trail Conditions (blowdown, beaver activity, signs missing or incorrect, etc.):
    • Lean-to Conditions:
    • Other:
    • Or mail your report to:
      • Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area
      • Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter ADK
      • P.O. Box 2314
      • Glens Falls, NY 12801