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Checklist for Items to Take Hiking

[ This page last updated: 2012-05-19 ]

Map and Guidebook Compass First Aid Kit and Blister Kit
Matches/lighter Water Bottles Water purification
Bear cannister Food/snacks Emergency space blanket
Pack and pack cover Tarp Tent and ground cloth
Sleeping bag Sleeping pad Knife
Mirror Whistle Flashlight/headlamp
Stove and fuel Serving kit and utensils Cup
Toiletries Rope/cords/straps Stuff sacks
Hiking Poles Ax/saw Watch
Boots Socks and extras Shorts and pants
Rain coat and/or poncho Windbreaker Lightweight underwear
Short and long sleeve t-shirts Cap/hat Wind/rain pants
Swimming shorts Midweight shirt Towel
Insect repellent Mosquito net Glasses/sunglasses
Medication Suntan lotion Extra batteries
Duct tape Camera Garbage bags 
 Winter Supplies
Snowshoes Poles Crampons
Gaiters Down pants Heavy socks/liners
Hat/face shield Gloves Hand warmers
Fleece/down jacket Shovel Skis