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Fire Tower Challenge Details

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Challenge Brochure and Summit List

Adirondack Towers   Adams Arab Azure Bald (Rondaxe) Belfry Black Blue Cathedral Rock Goodnow Gore Hadley Hurricane Kane Lyon Owl's Head Pillsbury Poke-O-Moonshine Snowy Spruce St. Regis Vanderwacker Wakely Woodhull     Catskill Towers   Balsam Lake Hunter Overlook Red Hill Tremper  
Wow! I'll bet there's a terrific view from up there.
[ This page last updated2013-07-27 ]
Background Information

Fire Tower Patch Logo
Whether it's the view from the summit or from the tower--or the experiences enroute--"fire tower fever" grips you right away and there's no turning back. Sound familiar? Then you're a person for whom the Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) has created the Fire Tower Challenge.

Consider the spectacular views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Consider the wildlife you may see along the way and the botanically interesting vegetation on the summits. And consider that for some 50 - 70 years the cabs atop these towers were the outlooks of "fire spotters," observers whose lonesome vigil was broken only occasionally by visits from the public.

  Views From On High

A guide book describing 28 fire tower trails in both the Adirondacks and Catskills, how to get to each, the condition of the tower, and whether or not it's open to the public along with historical information and anecdotes, page maps, and current and archival photos.

What is the Fire Tower Challenge?
The Fire Tower Challenge begins with the publication of the guidebook, Views from on High: Fire Tower Trails in the Adirondacks and Catskills, by John P. (Jack) Freeman. The Challenge hikes are described in detail, along with a fascinating essay describing the history of Forest Preserve fire towers by noted historic preservationist Wesley H. Haynes.
Published by the ADK, the book is available from the Club, bookstores, and outdoor retailers. To join ADK or purchase Views from on High call 1-800-395-8080 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Mon through Sat.), or purchase online, or visit our Lake George and Heart Lake facilities. You don't need to be a member of ADK to take part in the Challenge.

Rules of the Fire Tower Challenge:

  1. To complete the Challenge and receive the official full-color patch, hikers must climb and document, by date, ascents of at least 23 fire tower summits: 18 of 23 Adirondack Park summits and all 5 Catskill Park summits. Climbing each tower itself is not required, nor in fact recommended, for those towers that have not been restored for safe public use.
  2. The mountain should have a standing fire tower on the date of your ascent. Several of the Adirondack towers described in Views from on High may eventually be removed. (See summit list below, or print the brochure
  3. When registering the dates of your climb, be sure to use extra sheets of paper to describe details of interest: weather, wildlife sightings, your impressions, your companions - and whatever else caught your attention. We really want you to share your experiences with us, so please be expressive.
  4. Send the summit list and additional pages - name and address on each - along with a check for $3.00 per patch. (Kids 15 and under are free.)

Make checks payable to "ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter" and send to:

  • Fire Tower Challenge
    Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter
    Adirondack Mountain Club
    P.O. Box 2314
    Glens Falls, NY 12801