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Chapter News   Updated: 2017-11-19    
bullet November 2017 Newsletter is Available Online!   View
bullet DEC Notice: Spruce Mountain Fire Tower - Stay off private property
A dirt road ascends Spruce Mountain from the side of the mountain opposite the hiking trail. It leads to the Saratoga County communications building just below the fire tower. This road is on private property and is not accessible to the public. It is extremely important that we always respect the rights of property owners. Please do not use this road.

In accordance with the conservation easement agreement for the lands the trail crosses, the trail is closed to public use during the big game hunting season (October 21-December 3, 2017).
bullet DEC Notice: Stillwater Mountain Trail is Closed Temporily
Stillwater Mountain Per conservation easement terms, the trail is closed from the second Tuesday in October through December 20th each year.
bullet Wakely Mountain Tower and Trail - closed!
Wakely Mountain tower and trail - closed. The tower is structurally unsound. NYS DEC has closed the trail for safety concerns and no hikers should be on this trail. Repair work has been delayed and scheduled for repair during the 2018 field season.
bullet DEC Notice: Mt Adams Fire Tower has been damaged by ice wind!
The top landing on the Mt Adams Fire Tower has been damaged by ice wind. Fencing and railings were broken off and the tower stairs and landings are slippery. Please do not attempt to go into the tower cab or onto the top landing with the broken fencing. Work will be planned to fix this in 2017.
bullet Jack & Tillie Freeman Honored as Champions of Forest Preserve
Jack and Tillie were honored at the May 17 chapter program at Crandall Public Library in Glens Falls with the presentation of a bronze leaf in their names that will be added to the Tree of Giving plaque at ADK Headquarters in Lake George. After retiring from a long and successful career at Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY, Jack came to our area to work for ADK where he was active in conservation and advocacy matters. One of his most noteworthy accomplishments was the establishment of collaborative working agreements between local and state government agencies, ADK, and citizen advocacy groups to restore historic fire towers in the Catskill and Adirondack Forest Preserves. This movement led to the creation of fire tower "friends" groups and ultimately the ADK Fire Tower Challenge created and maintained by your ADK Glens Falls-Saratoga Chapter since 2001.

This year and in the years following, many of the New York state fire towers will be celebrating their centennials. The ADK Fire Tower Challenge continues to gain popularity and introduce hikers to new forest preserve adventures. The new and revised second edition of Views from on High, Jack's fire tower hiking guide book, will be published soon by the Adirondack Mountain Club. If it were not for Jack and Tillie Freeman we would not be celebrating our fire towers in the manner in which we do today and will continue to do so into the future. Thank you Jack and Tillie Freeman for all you have done.

bullet New Trails in the Palmertown Conservation Area
Working with Saratoga PLAN graduate students in The State University of New York at Albany 2017 Graduate Planning Studio class recently delivered their final presentation on conservation and recreation analysis of the Palmertown Conservation Area. to develop a strategic and comprehensive conservation plan, stretching from Moreau Lake State Park down to Saratoga Springs.

For details and map click View details
bullet Fire Tower Challenge Merchandise is Available for Purchase.
FTC Hats and T-Shirts can be purchased at ADK Headquarters located at 814 Goggins Road in Lake George off Northway Exit 21. Will make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Purchase online at:
bullet Advocacy for Protection of Queensbury's Big Cedar Swamp
The Big Cedar Swamp is a 900+ acre Class I wetland located in the Town of Queensbury, between Quaker Road and the Warren County Airport, which is home to a diverse wildlife population, including several "Species of Special Concern", a large, well-preserved, northern white cedar swamp, and a globally rare marl fen, which is one of less than ten such habitats in the world. It is listed as a "Regional Priority Conservation Project" in the New York State Open Space Conservation Plan.

More Information     Town Board Letter     Town Board Report
bullet Make Suggestions to Add Smart Phone Apps to Web Site
Have you found an app that you like and think other ADKrs might want to check out? If so, send the app name to and we'll add it to our web site and newsletter if it appears to be of interest to members.

Notice the Smart Phone Apps link added to the Chapter Links
bullet ADK Mountain Club needs good participation for Supervised Volunteer Trails Program
supervised.trailwork.jpg Since 1986, the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) has been hosting volunteers to participate in trail projects. In that time, over 10,000 volunteers took part in maintaining the trails of the Adirondack Park. Our volunteer trails program is not just about the trails though, it's also about the people that maintain them. I can say with confidence that all 10,000+ volunteers who participated in ADK's volunteer trails program left with a sense of stewardship for the Adirondacks. They know firsthand how much hard work it takes, and how rewarding it is, to keep our Adirondack trail system in tip-top shape.

It is going to be a tall order to fill all of these projects. For this expansion to be possible in the future we need good participation. Your help would mean 10,000 more great experiences, a more pleasant hiking adventure and the protection of wild areas along trail corridors.

We have several scholarship opportunities available for our High School Volunteer Program. These scholarships would cover the cost of our participation fee. Our newest addition is the ADK Woods Woman Scholarship. This scholarship is available to a high school aged woman who wants to participate in a volunteer trail project.

For more information: Details
bullet Help with Recreation Planning as member of multi-chapter group?
ADK is forming a Recreation Working Group to help the chapters with subjects such as trip leader training, assisting in the planning of annual/seasonal outings, and best practices: what chapters do well and could share with other chapters.

We would like to have members (this is not a formal committee) from several different chapters, with around 10 people. We will eventually have an annual face-to-face meeting (location to be determined), as well as the occasional conference call. Some of our work will also be done via e-mail.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bob Van Hise at (716) 628-0355 or at

bullet Your Chapter Needs Some Good Volunteers!
As a way to develop a listing of chapter members that want to help out with the chapter, a volunteer request form has been developed. Please complete the volunteer form indicating your areas of interest and a member of the executive committee will get back to you to discuss the next steps.

The form is located in the Chapter Links under "Chapter Information Forms & Guidelines" or the link: Volunteer Request Form

Contact John Caffrey at 518- 798-0624 or email
bullet Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area Details
bullet Reminder: Include your email address when renewing membership!
We receive membership information bimonthly and update our membership list with your info! You may renew your ADK membership online by clicking on: Renew Online! - Make sure to select "Glens Falls Saratoga" as your chapter!

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