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Chapter News   Updated: 2015-10-09    
bullet 2015-10-23 Annual Dinner at Great Escape Lodge in Queensbury
adirondacks.calling.jpg The entertainment this year will be a screening of the new movie, "The 46ers Film: Can you Hear Them Calling?"

This is written, directed and produced by Blake Cortright, a native of Latham. Matt Elton is the Director of Photography and hails from Queensbury. It is a beautifully filmed documentary showcasing the Adirondack High Peaks and the men and women who successfully reach all 46 summits.

We are honored and delighted that both Blake and Matt will join us on the night for one of the first screenings of their film. Join us for a delicious plated dinner followed by dessert and coffee before the show.

To print form to sign up, click: Registration Form
bullet DEC Announces Opening of Trail + Fire Tower on Spruce Mountain
Spruce Mountain's rehabilitated fire tower and new trail in the town of Corinth, are open for public use, DEC announced today. Note that it will be closed during hunting season.

For more info: View Press Release
bullet Chapter Officer Candidates to be Voted on at Annual Dinner
At the annual meeting, chapter members will be invited to vote for the new officers.

An additional nomination for Director was received after the publication of the slate of officers in the most recent newsletter. Tammara Van Ryn has been added to the slate of officers to be voted on at the annual dinner in October. The necessary 12 signatures were submitted to Laura Fiske on September 3, 2015 in order for her to be nominated to the position of Director.

The candidates for 2015 are: Chapter Chair: John Caffry, Treasurer: Steve Mackey (re-election), Directors: William Wasilauski and Tammara Van Ryn.

To view candidate biographies and voting details, click: View
bullet Chapter Leadership Positions Still Exist for 2016
Chair Positions (2 positions, 1 year terms.)
  • The First Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in absence of the Chair, be responsible for overseeing the work of committees so designated by the Chair and perform duties as listed in the chapter job description.
  • The Second Vice-Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair and First Vice-Chair in their absence and shall oversee the work of committees so designated by the Chair.
Contact Laura Fiske [ ] for more info or to express interest.
bullet Volunteer needed to become the Chapter Newsletter Editor
help.wanted.jpg This position requires familiarity with Microsoft Word and the knowledge or ability to learn Microsoft Publisher. Publisher uses many of the same concepts and techniques of Microsoft Word with additional features tailored for newsletters. If someone is willing to learn, we will train that person with the skills necessary to become our Newsletter Editor.

The chapter issues a newsletter six times per year that contains information on chapter programs, outings and other activities as well as updates from various committees and the main club. Each issue is between 12 and 16 pages depending on the content. The Newsletter Editor is responsible for formatting between 4 to 7 of these pages.

The Outings Instructions page and the last page do not change. The Outings Calendar, Trip description and Trip review pages are created by the chapter Webmaster and do not require formatting by the Newsletter Editor.

Unique content comes from Executive Committee members. This content is copied to Microsoft Word documents and sent to volunteers to proofread and make corrections.

The previous Newsletter is used as a layout template by the Editor. Content is copy/pasted from the Word documents into text boxes in the Microsoft Publisher document. The Editor prints the Publisher document as a PDF and sends it to the printing company. It is estimated the entire process takes approximately 10-15 hours per newsletter for the Editor.

As a voting member of the Executive Committee this position also requires attendance at the monthly Executive Committee meetings. For more info, please contact Laura Fiske: .
bullet Make Suggestions to Add Smart Phone Apps to Web Site
Have you found an app that you like and think other ADKrs might want to check out? If so, send the app name to and we'll add it to our web site and newsletter if it appears to be of interest to our members.

Notice the Smart Phone Apps link added to the Chapter Links
bullet 2015 Chapter Winter Weekend Heart Lake February 5-8 - Trip filled!
We are again renting the Wiezel cabin for the Glens Falls Saratoga Chapter of ADK for our winter weekend 2016! We are filled up and have a couple on the waiting list.   Steve Mackey -
bullet ADK Mountain Club needs good participation for Supervised Volunteer Trails Program
supervised.trailwork.jpg Since 1986, the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) has been hosting volunteers to participate in trail projects. In that time, over 10,000 volunteers took part in maintaining the trails of the Adirondack Park. Our volunteer trails program is not just about the trails though, it's also about the people that maintain them. I can say with confidence that all 10,000+ volunteers who participated in ADK's volunteer trails program left with a sense of stewardship for the Adirondacks. They know firsthand how much hard work it takes, and how rewarding it is, to keep our Adirondack trail system in tip-top shape.

It is going to be a tall order to fill all of these projects. For this expansion to be possible in the future we need good participation. Your help would mean 10,000 more great experiences, a more pleasant hiking adventure and the protection of wild areas along trail corridors.

We have several scholarship opportunities available for our High School Volunteer Program. These scholarships would cover the cost of our participation fee. Our newest addition is the ADK Woods Woman Scholarship. This scholarship is available to a high school aged woman who wants to participate in a volunteer trail project.

For more information: Details
bullet Help with Recreation Planning as member of multi-chapter group?
ADK is forming a Recreation Working Group to help the chapters with subjects such as trip leader training, assisting in the planning of annual/seasonal outings, and best practices: what chapters do well and could share with other chapters.

We would like to have members (this is not a formal committee) from several different chapters, with around 10 people. We will eventually have an annual face-to-face meeting (location to be determined), as well as the occasional conference call. Some of our work will also be done via e-mail.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bob Van Hise at (716) 628-0355 or at

bullet Your Chapter Needs Some Good Volunteers!
As a way to develop a listing of chapter members that want to help out with the chapter, a volunteer request form has been developed. Please complete the volunteer form indicating your areas of interest and a member of the executive committee will get back to you to discuss the next steps.

The form is located in the Chapter Links under "Chapter Information Forms & Guidelines" or the link: Volunteer Request Form

Contact Laura Fiske at 518-884-0345 or email
bullet J. Schneider Report on Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area to DEC View
bullet Fill out report if you hiked Pharaoh Lake Wilderness Area Details
bullet Reminder: Include your email address when renewing membership!
We receive membership information bimonthly and update our membership list with your info! You may renew your ADK membership online by clicking on: Renew Online! - Make sure to select "Glens Falls Saratoga" as your chapter!

You may also update your email address at any time, by clicking on the Email Icon.
bullet Help Prevent Spread of Aquatic Invasive Species
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) are non-native plants and animals that threaten native plants, wildlife, and their habitat. Boats, equipment, clothing and even dogs can spread AIS from one waterway to another waterway unless they are properly cleaned and dried. AIS found in Adirondack waters include water chestnut, zebra mussel, eurasian watermilfoil, spiny waterflea, hydrilla and non-native crayfish and minnows. Once they are established in a waterbody, they are very difficult to eradicate.

Prevent the spread of AIS by following these guidelines:

Inspect and Remove any visible mud, plants, fish or organisms from boats, trailers, equipment, clothing, dogs etc. Discard the items in an upland area or in one of the invasive species disposal stations that DEC has installed at many boat launch sites.

Drain all water holding compartments and equipment before you leave the access site. Remember to include equipment, such as neoprene shoes or pumps used to remove water from boats.

Dry - Because some AIS are not easily visible, the most effective method to ensure that no invasive species are transported to a new waterway is to completely dry your boat and equipment before using it in a new waterway. Drying times vary, depending on the type of boat and equipment. The outside of a boat will dry rapidly, but areas not reached by the sun or lacking good air circulation, such as the interior portions of some kayaks, will take additional time to dry completely.

For more information on how you can help prevent the spread of AIS, go to or

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